National Trust: Everyone Needs Nature

To celebrate the 125th anniversary of the National Trust, we looked back to the organisation’s founding to chart the course for its next 125 years. In an essay for the common people of Britain, co-founder Octavia Hill wrote, ‘We all want quiet. We all want beauty. We all need space.’

This human need of nature is more vital today than it was a century ago. Our campaign, Everyone Needs Nature, brings to light Octavia’s original mission and unearths wisdom from nature. While the world shouts and stimulates, the National Trust encourages people to find calm.

Agency: W+K London 
Creative Directors: Flo Heiss, Tony Davidson
Creative Team: Derek Man Lui, Harry Ingrams
Design: Alex Thursby-Pelham, Xueling Wang
Producer: Rose Fairley
Director: Anthony Dickenson
Animation: Jess Gorick

Shoutout from Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge:

“There is a lot of pressure isn’t there? ...our lives are so busy, our lives are so hectic, all we need is quiet. We need things to be still so that we can really focus on the things that matter. That was in the 19th Century, imagine what (Octavia Hill) would think now!”