Derek Man Lui is a man blessed with this middle name. He is fascinated by how the Internet and culture influence each other, so he’s made it his mission to live inside different Internets and cultures.

Derek grew up in San Francisco on a diet of video games, burritos and fog. He then spent 7 years in Shanghai and Beijing, creating for alternate reality versions of the platforms we use everyday, all behind the Great Firewall of China. Currently, he is stationed in London at Wieden+Kennedy.

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○  Wieden+Kennedy, London
○  AKQA, Shanghai
○  BBH, Shanghai
○  Proximity, Beijing
○  Duncan/Channon, San Francisco
○  Evolution Bureau, San Francisco


Nike, Jordan, Airbnb, Volkswagen, Skittles, TED, Niantic, Sainsbury’s, National Trust


It’s Nice That, New York Times, Huffington Post, BBC, Forbes, Fast Company, PSFK, Hypebeast, Brutalist Websites, Frankie Magazine, Design Taxi, Quartz, Web Design: The Evolution of the Digital World


○  Cannes Lion: Gold, Silver, 4x Bronze
○  One Show: Silver in Data Visualization
○  Webby: 360° Video, Data-Driven Media Honoree
○  FWA: Mobile SOTM, 2x Mobile SOTD 
○ Spikes Asia: 2x Gold, 2x Silver, 2x Bronze