Camden: A Telly Ad You Can Drink

2020. What a time to still briefly be alive. To add a little cheer to this disaster of a year, Camden Town Brewery gave away beers through television sets via the sorcery of QR code technology. Just scan and get fresh beer delivered.

The brewery and its outlandish characters (inspired by real employees) were brought to life by an equally eclectic squad of illustrators, helmed by director James Papper.

Agency: W+K London 
Creative Directors: Tom Bender, Tom Corcoran, Freddie Powell
Creative Team: Tomas Coleman, Adam Newby, Will Wells, Me
Design: Jackie Hudson, Xueling Wang
Creative Tech: Jonny Plackett
Director: James Papper 
Illustrators: Sophie Koko Gates, Bridget Meynes, Jose Fatkinson, Guy Fields

Lucky winners get fresh Camden Hells lager delivered in a collector’s edition box.
Which essentially became box-shaped billboards that people shared on Twitter.

Hidden inside the ad is a url to Pasteurgeddon, a game about how pasteurising beer ruins its taste. Which nearly every beer brand does, but not Camden. Their beer is Fresh as Hells™.