When you step foot in Wieden+Kennedy London, you are greeted by the portraits of our people. As we refresh our reception area for the upcoming decade, we wondered: what is a portrait? Does it have to be a photograph? Can you touch it? Play with it?

This exploration gave birth to Headmaster, an arcade game. First, we 3D-scanned the heads of our entire staff. Next, we did the most logical thing we could do: virtually-archive our people in a holographic arcade game, where you can play with their heads by flailing your hand inside a dark hole. 
Agency: W+K London
Creative Director: Iain Tait
Team: Mark Winklhofer, Jonny Plackett, Jonny Isaacson, Steve Wyles, Mike Naman, Me
Music: Full Force Wolf Horse

Made with:
⟡ Custom 3D-scanning mobile app 
⟡ Looking Glass holographic display 
⟡ Leap Motion controller
⟡ Unreal Engine 
⟡ Upcycled arcade machine (circa 1982)