Nike: Role-playing Run

Running isn't easy. We listen to music or podcasts to distract ourselves from the pain and monotony. Which made us think: what if Nike made the listening experience about you, the runner?

This is Nike RPR, an audio-guided running series that transports your ordinary run to jungles, alien invasions, symphonic streets, or wherever the story takes you. Designed with Nike coaches, each 20-minute story arc follows the pace 
of a real training session.

Agency: AKQA
ECD: Eric Cruz
Creative Team: Meeyee Foong, Ines Li, Achur Chen, Sia Song, Me
Script Writers: Daisy Liu, Miranda Yuan
Music: Thomas Faucher, Fabien Langard, Ronald Ng (GUM)
Photographer: Jedi Zhou
Illustrators: Magdiel Lopez, Dan Matutina, Egle Zvirblyte, Shotopop